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Nova verzija Bascom-AVR

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Avtor Sporočilo

Pridružen/-a: Pon Jan 2004 12:51
Prispevkov: 2087
Kraj: Ljubljana

PrispevekObjavljeno: Čet Avg 06, 2009 12:57 pm    Naslov sporočila: Nova verzija Bascom-AVR Odgovori s citatom

MCS je naložil novo verzijo Bascom-AVR ver.

Za vse, ki imate lincenčno verzijo prilagam kopijo zgodovine sprememb:

             BASCOM-AVR History
        (c) 1995-2009 MCS Electronics
 the history items are very short descriptions of changes. it is only intended
 to allow you to find the info in the help.
- added support for  KS108 with 3 chips : 192 * 64
- The timeout for the USB programmers that need LIBUSB can be adjusted in the options. Some USB1.1 hubs in combination with
  a lot of USB devices connected, need a bigger timeout. Default is 100 (msec). But you can increase in steps till it works properly.
- M128can and M32CAN used wrong timer2 definition when configuring the timer2.
- m165 dat file needed the TCCR2 alias for TCCR2A.
- attiny13 did not start when using START TIMER0
- generated files are in same case as the source file
- tiny25,tiny45,tiny85 used the wrong register when updating the prescaler

- simulator with real RS-232 data, did not set data receive interrupt. So when using buffered serial IO, it would not be read.
- cls LINE for KS108 did not worked for the entire line(different chips)
- tiny2313 compare config for OC0A did not send portb.2 but portd.6
- ___LTMPC was created twice. Does not have impact but looks odd in the report.
- .DEF will now report error 358 if a def is used twice
- M88PDEF.DAT had a wrong interrupt table(wrong address), WRAP value was wrong too.
- Instead of a label or number, you can also use relative jumps + will jump forward, - backward
  rjmp +1  ; address +1     rcall -2  ; call address at address -2    rjmp 0 ; goto RESET address !
- display accepts 3 parameters : DISPLAY ON|OFF , CURSOR|NOCURSOR , BLINK|NOBLINK
  while you can also use cursor for this, the cursor commands uses an internal variable, which in some cases can get confused.
  The display statements will write the value that reflects the parameters and does not use an internal variable to maintain the state.
- M124P,324P and 644P had TCCR2 mapped to the wrong register in the def file. it should map to TCCR2A and not to TCCR2B
- M48,88,168 did not used AS2 bit to set the Async mode
- m32CAN.DAT added (AT90CAN32)
- KS108 lib added from Nard Awater that supports 128*128 KS108 (4 chips)
- $projecttime added
- fixed some problems to
- toggle had a bug for chips with extneded port on a high address where STS needed to be used. When SBI/SBI on the PIN register could be used
  there was no problem, but the m2560 has a few port on an extended address. in such cases, the register was read and altered, resulting in some other pins to toggle!
- Config Printbin = Extended  : fixed a bug,because of a wrong register def, wrong register was used.
- at90128CAN, config clock set the wrong timer
- config dcf77 : when using update, following error was reported : updatetime changed. This was due missing remark (;)
- split() function bug fixed. when array element was full and next character was delimiter, a new index was added.
- atmega1284p support added. sample m1284p.bas added.
- DMX receiving added. See dmx-receive.bas and CONFIG DMXSLAVE
- changed SETFONT. For chips with more then 128KB, there is no room for the full address.
  beside the internal variable ___FONTTABLE which contains the address of the font, the variable ___FONTTABLE_H (BYTE)
  is used to store the 64KB page number.
  When you made your own LCD driver you need to change the  _gwrite_lcdchar routine :
  *#IF _ROMSIZE>65536
  ; ------------ REMOVE THESE LINES ------
  ;*  Clr r0                                ; temp reg
  ;*  lsl R30                               ; shift to left
  ;*  Rol r31                               ; rotate left with carry
  ;*  Rol R0                                ; MSB of address is in R0 LS bit
  ;*  Out RAMPZ, R0                         ; set the page
  ;--------- ADD FOLLOWING LINES ------------
  * Lds r0,{___fonttable +2}                ; load page number
  * Out RampZ,r0                            ; set rampz register to load proper page
  This code is only used for micros with multiple 64KB pages such as the Mega128, Megas2561, etc.

- bug : function warning also warned for subs
- mega168P support added. sample m168p.bas added
- Mega88P support added.  sample m88p.bas added
- m325def.dat : some aliasses added for changed register names. (timer0,timer2)
- usb-isp programmer : when there is no EEP file you can not change/upload the EEPROM image that is manual modified. You need an EEP file. With this
  modification, you do not need an EEP file in order to change the EEPROM of the chip.
- fixed i2c_extended.lib. This lib is intended to be used on extended ports(port with an address>&H3F) , but it failed for these extended ports.
  This lib is NOT available in the demo.
- when not using the config SPI, SPIIN option, SPIIN will behave as in version where SPIIN will send data from the variable. See the help.
- new Elektor programmer support had some issues. Also renamed to USBprog since it is well known by this name.
- Vista 64 driver for USB-ISP added. Thanks to Martin Verschuren for the docs and INF update.
- box/boxfill had a bug in glcd.lib that could lead to a SW stack overflow.
- Kamami, 'KamProg for AVR' support added
- PCF8833 color LCD lib modified to support chips > 64K
# VISTA 64 NOTE : either run as admin, or put the sample files in the document folder.
  The Program Files folder does not allow changes.
- CONFIG SPI has a new option. Some SPI chips like to have sent a value of 0 when reading from the SPI. Others seem to require a 0.
  The CONFIG SPI is enhanced with the option SPIN. SPIN = value. By default, the value is zero.
- updatewiz will backup ALL files in case you have selected to backup before you update.
  the unzip process is also revised to be quicker.
- Max() function for words did not returned the right result.
- mkII USB programmer support added. It has the same interface as the new stk500 interface.
- stk500 support added. this is a native programmer which does not need stk500.exe It replaces the stk500 V2 which used stk500.exe
  see for more info the Help (stk500 programmer)
- at90pwm2_3.dat file,  WDTCR added.
- usb1287 timer mapping corrected. (start/stop timer0/timer2)
- Quote() function added. var= quote(string) results in "string". Usable with HTML pages.
- $LCD and $LCDRS will have an automatic constant named ___LCDRS_ADR and  ___LCD_ADR, which can be used in your own lib
- tiny84 had wrong page size, resulting in programming problems
- loading a bit from a constant variable data type bigger then byte, did not used the bit offset to load the bit :
  portd.6 = someWord(1).15  ' failed to load the bit from the proper byte of the word
- parser of the IDE failed for &H with $hwstack,$swstack,$framesize.
- all word registers are placed in a [WIO] section. These are all written with MSB first, LSB last order.
  A number of aliases are added to. For example TCNT1 will have an entry named TIMER1 too.
- optimized number of instructions in byte handeling.
- OUT instruction accepts port variables too. But take care, read the HELP.
- 2343def.dat timer0 alias added


PS: še vedno lahko nabavite licenčni Bascom-AVR po precej nižji ceni: namesto 89,00 Evrov ga lahko nabavite po samo 69,00 Evrov. Samo celotno to sporočilo pošljite dvema svojima prijateljema, meni pa pošljite kopijo tega sporočila in v povratnem sporočilu bom potrdil, da ste upravičeni do licenčnega Bascom-AVR po 69,0 Evrov z vključenim DDV.
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